A generic post build solution for SDL Tridion templates

Tridion, Tips & Tricks, Templating

When developing compound templates for SDL Tridion you might want to use the Post Build trick that is explained in the SDL Tridion docs here, but there is a generic solution for all of your projects. First create a TcmUploadAssembly directory in the root of your solution folder. Put the TcmUploadAssembly files there and generate the config.xml here too.

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DD4T Component Template Metadata

DD4T, Tridion, Tips & Tricks

Did you know that DD4T metadata for component templates support more than just the view name? You can also provide a controller and an action. This allows for some powerful new options. If for example you've created a custom forms solutions, you could create a seperate FormsController. This controller will then be called instead of the default ComponentController for the

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